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Summary 7Days – Decide your story

Game name 7Days – Decide your story
Publisher Buff Studio Co., Ltd.
Category Adventure – Horor
Size 81MB
Version MOD v2.1.5
Version Android Upto 4.1

About 7Days – Decide your story

7Days – Decide your story: People are most afraid of anything? It must be death. Everyone will die, it’s just that sooner or later. Death is what always exists in this life as a naked truth. No day, people don’t hear of at least one death.

Someday, this unalterable natural law will bring about terrifying things. Beyond everyone’s imagination when horror creatures emerge from it. It is hell as still depicted on the movies. Do you dare to visit it once?

The answer is probably no, no one wants to die. But what if one fine day woke up and faced the fact that you were dead? Destiny leads you to face the most horrible thing in your life. 7Days MOD – Decide your story is a completely new product of Buff Studio Co., Ltd.

It has only just launched in recent days. But the number of people interested is very much. Their goal is to build the best independent games by themselves. And gradually breaking all limits, turning them into AAA games.


Best of storying game

The story is really a little scary adventure game. So you are both fascinated, but at the same time nervous, anxious. Everything will be slowly guided through the simplest to most complex situations. But do not worry, horror monsters will appear slowly. It will not startle you like in horror movies.

7Days APK developments are displayed through the message stream. This requires the player to be able to read, the ability to sense good situations. The player then automatically understands the situation they are facing. You will feel fear gradually invade gently.

Death is not the end but only a new beginning. Kirell was a dead girl, but now woke up knowing she was not alive. But things are not over with her. Instead it was a new adventure even more dangerous than before. Surprisingly, she received a message from Charon – death from hell.



7Days operates under a slightly new mechanism as it will take 7 days. Text Death with the phone. The story will unfold, and the task of finding the last chance for the main character will depend on your decision to text with that powerful god.

In this test, a number of Souls are selected to fight with you to overcome the mission. But for you, the only way to survive is to kill everyone else. Will you use your wits to deceive the dead or follow her orders and live again? All your options are through messages. Your decision will change the fate of the girl.

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