Age of Magic MOD APK (Menu – God Mode): Magic world

Age of Magic is a game about the power of ancient magic. That is what people always desire. We always think that some miracle will help us to have a dialogue with the gods. Because of that, since time immemorial, wizards have always held that invisible power. This is a pretty interesting game for those who like to explore.

Summary about Age of Magic

Game name Age of Magic MOD APK
Publisher Playkot
Category RPGs Game
Size 150 MB
Required Android Android 4.4 and up


Age of Magic MOD APK

Introducing the game

Age of Magic MOD is a game launched in 2018, based on beautiful graphics. Besides, it has updated many new maps as well as upgraded mechanisms. Players are constantly improving their experience with this game.

Playkot LTD also has some successful products. But this is the first product in the role-playing genre. But it was a success for them. This is also the product with the most graphics in Playkot’s published games.

The main character of Age of Magic APK is a boy. He received a gift from a monk with great magic power. Together they practice on the high mountain where the monk lives. But an incident that changed his life irreversibly. The devil came and killed his teacher.

This is an attack against the boy’s soul. He decided to train the strongest magic to avenge his master. Years later, he returned to become a hero to save the world.

Age of Magic MOD APK

The battle is devastating

Join the epic battle of True Mages. Those who fight for the destiny of the world are dying. Gather and level up the legendary generals and take them into high-speed battles in extremely impressive arenas. Mischievous Ghosts, Elves, Demons, Angry Bear wizards, Dragons, Ra’Archnes, Swamp Witches … and dozens of characters are waiting for you!

The darkness is covering the crumbling remnants of the world suspended in infinite. Each night another blip in the sky fades, overwhelmed by demons no one can stop. But there is still hope. The Dragon’s prophecy states that one of the True Mages will enter the Dark Tower and determine the destiny of the universe. Are you the wizards chosen according to prophecy?

Age of Magic MOD APK

The fictional generals

Age of Magic hack brings together more than 50+ terrible generals. You need to level up generals, equip them with powerful weapons and armor. At the same time upgrade the capacity and rarity of these items. Experiment with different strategies. Create, combine unique generals to create the strongest group of generals in the game.

Bring your generals team into the top speed battles. Strategic turn-based attacks, in spectacular arenas. The place with great graphics and your choices will be crucial. I wish you experience the game happily during the season of COVID-19.

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