Air Force Base MOD APK (Unlimited Money): Boss air base

Idle Air Force Base MOD APK is a simulation game with relatively simple graphics. In it you will build and control the air base with the latest equipment. Build the best air force in the world to fight, capture the city and conquer nations. The game was released by Neon Play. You can download the game mod version with unlimited functionality at the end of the article, or download the standard version at Google Play.

Summary about Idle Air Force Base

Game name Idle Air Force Base MOD APK
Publisher Neon Play
Category Simulation Game
Size 55MB
MOD Features Vô hạn tiền
Android 5.0 trở lên

Basic information about this game

Idle Air Force Base – arcade clicker for Android with isometric graphics, in which the player controls the air base. Using all available resources, users will need to set up training pilots to fly airplanes, use technology in various battles and conflicts. Using mobile cameras, gamers have the opportunity to observe the work of all facilities on the site. Gradually increasing the power, players will be able to get a huge Empire with rich features.

Idle Air Force Base is the most interesting idle game you will play this year. Feel the need for speed with this truly exciting strategic military game where you have built the best Air Force in the world, so you can fight, conquer cities and conquer nations.

idle air force base mod apk


Train to win

You are Air Marshall and the enemy is spreading around the world. You need to train your students to become fully qualified pilots in a rigorous and rigorous training field. From practicing ejection seats, to G-Force gyroscopes to bomb assembly to parachute training.

When your training is complete, your squadron will be ready to launch an attack of drones, fighters, airships and fighters. You don’t need to be a tycoon or become a capitalist or billionaire, just be the best at training the army and a war strategist.

Many types of guns

You have a full air force at your disposal with some awesome planes to unlock, fly and fight with. Become a top gun with awesome monsters in the sky: RQ-4 Global Hawk, F-16 Fighting Falcon, A-10 Thunderbolt, C-130 Hercules, SR-71 Blackbird, F-35 Lightning II, B-2 Spirit, Galaxy C-5.

Compete in a series of battles and wars, where you need to destroy ground troops, enemy airfields, satellite communications, destroy cities and defeat the capital. Donith bother to idle and go to supermarkets, hotels, water parks, roller coasters, just register as a pilot and build your air base to become the best in the world.

 idle air force base mod apk

Features in the game

Ejection seats, gyroscope

Emergency situation! Push out, push away, push away! Last chance to save your life, so make sure you have adequate training. Can you deal with G-Force? Prepare your body for control when you pull some serious G.

Bomb assembly training

There really is a right way to assemble a bomb. Study well, or lose a few fingers. It is not just the air you need to master. Make sure your squadron knows what to do when they land. Spring comes into action and with just the help of a rope, learn to throw yourself off the plane.

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