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Archero is an action role-playing game of the publisher Habby. It launched the game in late March 2019, and so far, it has attracted nearly 50 million downloads on all platforms. It was also rated by nearly 1 million gamers on 4.5 / 5 on Google Play. Let’s find out about Archero in this article!

Summary about Archero MOD APK

Game name Archero MOD APK
Publisher Hubby
Category Action Game
Size 98MB
MOD Features Never die
Android advise 5.0 and up

Super archer

You will be playing a super archer in Archero MOD. Be aware that you are the nation’s top archer and will face the dark forces. Like the Major Mayhem I just introduced, you will be alone against the whole world. The number of your enemies in Archero is extremely large and aggressive.

You, along with your bow, will have to fight non-stop. The battle ends only if one party fails, either as a friend, or as an enemy as crowded as the Yuan army. Be the winner, because enjoying the drunkenness, never ceases to be interesting.

Archero MOD APK

The maximum challenge

Each level, there are monsters with increasing power. And always remember, they can show up at any position on the screen. Don’t be startled when they come out from the front, back, or even right into your eyes. Because of this, you need to be very focused and stay alert.

But, monsters alone are not enough challenges for you. Archero APK also arranges extremely annoying traps. You will encounter fireballs shooting around or moving traps. Depending on the type, they can cause different difficulties for you, such as shock, or injury.

If you are worried about being able to overcome the game screen, do not worry. With the Game MOD version I provide here, your attacks can increase damage and attack range. That will make you less difficult. But rest assured, because there are still many tough challenges waiting for you.


If you are the protagonist of Archero, the monsters will help you shine. But keep in mind that you need to categorize them to cope. There will be different types of monsters, with different fighting pieces. Knowing who knows us, such a hundred battles and hundreds wins. You will easily resolve them when you know how to beat them.

With each game screen, you will be adventure to a different land. Once completed in this area, you will go to another area, with more new challenges. Fortunately, you don’t have to work hard to collect money every time you kill a monster. They will be automatically added to your account at the end of the match. It is the most amusing, right?

Archero MOD APK

Your weapons and skills

The money earned from each game screen will help you buy weapons and upgrade them. Initially, your weapon is very primitive, just a mere bow. After upgrading, you can earn 7 arrows.

The skills of the game are also very diverse and impressive. Pets are also an important part of the game. Not only does it help you relax after a battle. More importantly, they are trusted partners in every fight. In addition, pets can also heal, or increase your damege.


Archero has relatively eye-catching 3D graphics. Colors and movements in the game are so attractive that you can hardly stop playing. The characters and monsters are designed in a cute chibi style to help you relax more after each killing shot choking. The view of the game is the 3rd angle, with the top view. It makes it possible to cover every attack and evade enemy attacks.

Archero MOD APK


Basically, this game is not easy, even if you have the MOD game. This is also an offline game, so you can completely relax in your spare time. Hurry up and download the game and join the challenges of Archero. Having fun.

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