Beat The Boss 4 MOD APK v1.4.3 (Unlimited money): The Story Of The Officer

Most of us are in the office, and we have at least one boss. Daily conversation with your boss is sometimes a “gossip behind his back”. Of course, it is not something terrible or affecting someone’s honor. But “gossiping” always seems to exist. It seems to be fun for many people. Come Beat The Boss to relieve stress after tired working hours.

Beat The Boss 4 is released by Game Hive. The game is the sequel to the successes of the previous installments. So this game has upgraded the “art” of torturing the boss to a new level. As well as improving many bugs and performance for you to unleash torture of the ugly and obnoxious boss. The game has over 20 million installed on Google Play.

Thông tin cơ bản về Beat The Boss

Game name Beat The Boss 4 MOD APK
Publisher Game Hive Corporation
Category RPGs – Game
Size 142MB
MOD Features Unlimted Money
Android Required 5.0


Beat The Boss 4 is about an employee who is dissatisfied with his boss. He always has conflicts with his boss. He was annoyed but could do nothing to vent his anger. Therefore, the birth of Beat the Boss 4 will help such people can relax the hens “torturing” their boss with different weapons to get rid of frustration.

Beat The Boss 4 MOD APK


Beat The Boss 4 has a simple gameplay, no need for high skills. Only with basic operations such as touch and swipe the screen, you can unleash torture to torture your boss. There are many weapons to choose from, choose the weapon you like and then use it to torture the boss from all directions. In addition, you can also drag and throw the boss easily, looking at the boss as a puppet for you to drop pranks and torture. In the first meeting, you will have to defeat the boss within a specified time, in the next levels, you will face more and more difficulties.

Diverse screen play and weapons

Beat The Boss 4 possesses a terrible and very strange arsenal with about 130 weapons from simple weapons such as pens, rulers, rotten eggs, fruits, … to barbaric weapons such as saws , drill, gun, knife, sword, even bombs. For you to unleash torture boss, sounds a bit scary and barbaric but when playing the game you will find it also somewhat filled with humor and fun.

To open all the weapons in the game is not easy, you must use the gold earned during the game, in addition to special weapons, you must collect the ingredients to make them, That material will randomly drop whenever you knock out the boss. You will also need to upgrade your weapons so they become stronger so you can be more bossy, eliminate them in the shortest time.

In the game world, there are 10 maps with 30 screens and about 180 custom bosses for you to explore and torture comfortably. Also you can play with many people to torture with multiple bosses at the same time, I think this feature is quite interesting. So you can invite your friends, colleagues to relieve stress, torture bosses together. An interesting thing about the game is that there are quite a few ads to make sure you can experience the game better.

Beat The Boss 4 MOD APK

Sound and Graphics

Beat The Boss 4 has simple and funny graphics with quality images, significantly improved compared to previous versions. The space in the game is not large, but it is designed quite beautifully with many colors, diverse weapons and meticulous attention. The soundtrack is also noticeable because the game’s background music is quite unique with the humorous screams of the boss when tortured.

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