Braveland Heroes MOD APK (Unlimited money): Medieval hero

Braveland Heroes is a strategy game with extremely attractive graphics and fairly classic gameplay. The main context of the game is medieval. You will be on an endless adventure. During that adventure, you will meet many allies as well as enemies. Show off your superior tactics and earn achievements!

Summary about Braveland Heroes

Game name Braveland Heroes MOD APK
Publisher Tortuga Team
Category Strategy Game
Size 81 MB
Required Android 4.1 and up

Braveland Heroes MOD APK

Find the stolen scepter

The scepter of the Seven Kingdoms was completely stolen from the throne room. The kings summoned the mightiest magic heroes and offered a generous bounty to the finders. In high spirits, you begin a dangerous mission in search of royal monuments.

When playing, your army will be joined by many types of allies – archers, monks, demons, monsters, knights and many others. Your journey begins in an ancient forest. You will travel through the southern lands and high mountains.

You will encounter orcs, ghosts and mysterious nomads. In the north, you will fight with strength and righteous in the age of the Viking wars, plunge into the clash of thieves and assassins, and try to endure the fighting of monsters and monsters. pirates.

Braveland Heroes MOD APK


The map of the game is like a chess board divided into hexagons. Each team on opposite sides, each member standing in a hexagonal box. With turn-based gameplay, when it’s your turn, you can move, choose a target or choose skills (if your warrior possesses special skills) for each member. The team that kills all the members of another team, that team will win.

Remember, each hexagonal cell can only contain one person, so if you have any allies or enemies in it, you can’t move to that cell. To make the game more tactical, the Braoween Heroes designed a lot of traps in the middle of the map. If you are trapped, your allies may lose blood or be unable to move, so you need to calculate to trick enemies into traps.

The main features in the game

  • PvE and PvP game modes for free
  • Hand-drawn HD game world
  • Right from the start, you can choose between 3 heroes: Barbarians, Pirates and Witches.
  • Create and upgrade weapons and ammunition
  • A series of unique battles with unexpected twists
  • A growing Saga – leading stronger Heroes into battle, like never before!
  • Dungeon with randomly generated battles and worthy rewards
  • Abundance of powerful artifacts
  • Each hero adheres to a single pure fighting magic academy that completely changes the course of the battle
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