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Brutal Street 2 is the 2nd generation version after the first generation of this game was very successful. This is a mod game about gangsters and the underworld, fascinating corners. This game has something similar to Street Fighter and full of appeal. It has something of a game of dust in the big market.

Summary about Brutal Street 2 MOD APK

Game name Brutal Street 2 MOD APK
Publisher Black Pearl Games Ltd.
Category Strategy – RPGs
Size 33MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Android 5.0 and up

Brutal Street 2 MOD APK


Brutal Street 2 MOD is a strategy role-playing game. The story of the game tells the story of the Chinese neighborhood. It is a place where gangs and underground forces are always fighting. They even kidnap young girls often.

As a chivalrous person, you naturally have to stand up against them. You gathered the best people to form an 8-person team. At the beginning of the game, there will only be the guy fighting against the gangster.

Later you will gradually recruit new members. It is possible that the cheerleader has the ability to buff health and energy for the team. A sharpshooter or a sniper, a hidden assassin … These characters all have their own skills depending on the weapon used.

Brutal Street 2 MOD APK

Tactical style of the game

Each battle in Brutal Street 2 APK takes place in a tactical style. You will choose the 4 most suitable characters to fight. Manipulating these characters is relatively simple. You can control the characters move to the appropriate position. Select skills and attack objects.

The skills are neatly placed in the right corner and very easy to use. Each character will have a total of 4 skills. These skills can be activated with money in the “Talent” table. In each battle, your task is to lead your team to defeat all the gangs and the gang leader.

If your team is completely defeated, you will fail and have to replay the game screen. As I see it, the game is quite hard and it took me a few times to get over it. A small note is to make full use of the healing buff of the buffing character’s health to continuously heal other attacking characters.

Brutal Street 2 MOD APK

Add role-playing elements

Brutal Street 2 hack is also a bit of an RPG. Those are characters that also have relatively adequate stats and systems. These equipment can be collected when crossing the frontier. Players can upgrade to equip equipment for a higher stat.

That makes for an engaging and stimulating gameplay. But it will also cost a lot of money in the game. Meanwhile, to make a lot of money is very difficult. Because each game only brings players from a few dozen to 100 money only. But don’t worry too much with the unlimited GAME MOD version, I will provide below.

Sound and Graphics

In terms of graphics, Brutal Street 2 is more beautifully designed than the first version. With a funny cartoon style, Brutal Street 2 faithfully and uniquely recreates the familiar streets and corners of Chinese society. Besides, when the character develops skills will create beautiful effects. The game also has attractive background music. Help players feel like standing in a real street.

Brutal Street 2 MOD APK


It can be said that Brutal Street 2 is really worth playing. I really like this big game dust game. Because it brings a sense of freedom for players to upgrade, equip as you like. Besides that, the game also requires a tactic so accurate. In addition Brutal Street 2 is also very little annoying advertising between screens.

Currently the game is also available on iOS, so you can freely experience on many different types of devices. I wish you happy gaming.

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