Critical Ops MOD APK v1.13.0.f971 (Unlimited Ammo): Anniversary sky

Action, shooting games are always a big niche in the mobile game market. Among these games, there are popular names like Brawl Stars or Anger of Stick … But today I will introduce to you the game is also very hot. That is Critical Ops. Critical Force’s products have a similar gameplay to the classic Counter Strike on PC, a game that everyone is familiar with called Haft-Life. Playing this game saw a whole sky rushing back.

Basic information about Critical Ops

Game name Critical Ops MOD APK
Publisher Critical Force
Category Shooting – Action Game
Size 77MB
MOD Features Unlimited Ammo
Android support 4.4 and up

Classic shooting game

The special thing about the Critical Ops MOD is … it’s nothing special. It sounds a bit contradictory, isn’t it. But there was no conflict. Try the experience, you will see this game retains most of the traditional features of Haft-Life. The game has a first view, very intuitive.

Have you ever liked to shoot silver, 4-6 or 4-1 in the past? Those guns still exist in Critical Ops APK and there are almost no new weapons. Graphics of the game is not too special and outstanding. For 8x people like us, it’s really a sky of memories.

Basically, Critical Ops is not so dependent on money. Of course, the better guns will cost slightly more. But basically your skills are important. In addition, this is also a game that promotes teamwork.

Critical Ops MOD APK


The weapons in Critical Ops hack are very diverse for you to choose. If you like high damage, you can choose shotgun, AWM with a deadly shot. If you want to play indiscriminate shooting, choose a M249 … In addition, the pistol system is also very diverse, just like Counter-Strike.

The bombs in this game are similar to the classic games mentioned above. It was a stun bomb, causing enemies to enter that area to be stunned. Smoke bombs cause the enemy to be surrounded by dense fog. And bombs explode with strong, wide-range damage. Sometimes an explosive bomb can also kill 2-3 opponents.

The game modes

There are two main game modes in Critical Ops: bombing and Deathmatch. If you are on the bandit’s side, place bombs and destroy the city. You will win if you do that. In contrast, the police will win when the plot is broken. Your team needs to destroy all enemies before the time the bomb explodes. On the contrary, the other side tries to let the bomb explode.

One thing to note is that you should not AFK game, ie exit immediately. That makes your team face many difficulties. Although the game has no penalty for this behavior. But it is an act of condemnation and such people will not be welcome.

Critical Ops MOD APK


Although Critical Ops is a game with a graphics background that is not really eye-catching, the gameplay is simple, but it is still worth playing, especially for those of the 8X and 9X generations. Memories of nearly 20 years ago came back, full of passion but also contain. Therefore, it is not surprising that this MOD GAME has attracted more than 100 million downloads on platforms.

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