Dead Target MOD APK v4.32.2.2 (Unlimited Money): The battle without stopping

For a long time, game developers and publishers have been exploring the Zoombie theme. There have been many titles on the topic of destroying this dark power. Can mention the game that I have introduced as SAS Zombie Assault 3 or Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival … Today, I would like to introduce a game Zoombie from Vietnam itself. It is Dead Target, released by Vinagame. Rest assured, Vietnamese goods are high quality!

Summary about Dead Target

Game name Dead Target MOD APK
Publisher VinaGame (VNG)
Category Action Game
Size 85MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Android support
4.0 and up

Dead Target MOD APK

Background of the game

As a game about Zoombies, the most important goal of course is to destroy them. There are many games on this content, but not every game is successful. With downloads on Google Play up to nearly 100 million, enough to prove the success of the Dead Target MOD. It was also rated by over 1 million gamers 4.5 / 5, a very high score.

Dead Target APK is set in 2040 and is happening in World War 3. National leaders have secretly implemented a project to turn soldiers and prisoners into zoombie to increase military strength. But the government partner, MZ, broke the contract. They take the disease and clone living corpses globally. The world is on the verge of destruction.

You will play as a Government agent sent to prevent tragedy. But only your team and Agent M will survive. Others were killed when trying to invade MZ. Your mission is to fight the undead and save his teammates.

Dead Target MOD APK

How to play

Dead Target does not allow you to move like other games. You can just stand still and shoot zoombie. This makes many people unfamiliar and somewhat uncomfortable. But believe me, it brings a much more terrifying experience. You must use the last bullets you have. Of course, you have the support of SWAT forces.

The Zoombies will rush out from every side, completely random. Therefore, you need to be alert in any situation. Also do not underestimate the looks of the zombies do not hide! It may look like that, but it might be the strongest. There are others that are even more terrifying. They have the ability to spit acid. Or an aggressive Zoombie dog …


With an FPS game like Dead Target hack, you will be interested in the weapons in the game. Of course. Through each level, you will have the opportunity to experience hundreds of different weapons. From the most primitive to the most modern. From light damage type to dramatic kill scenario.

Initially, you only have one basic pistol. Add an MP5, you will overcome many levels. But later, the corpses became stronger and harder to destroy. That’s when you have to go into the warehouse to bring in other guns. In addition, you also need to upgrade your guns to increase damage and accuracy.

Dead Target MOD APK


Dead Target is built and developed on Unity Engine 4.0 graphics. Image quality and design of the game seems to be impeccable. It is highly compatible on different operating systems. In addition, the sound of the game is also very dramatic, attractive. Overall, in my opinion, this is a game worth a try.

Download Dead Target MOD APK (Unlimited Money)
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