Dungeon Maker MOD APK 1.10.01 (Unlimited Money): Rise of darkness

You probably wished you were a knight standing up to confront the dark forces. You stand with the right and destroy the evil that is roaming around us. It is also characteristic of life and ordinary thinking. This also goes into many mobile games. But coming to Dungeon Maker, you will experience the exact opposite.

Sound interesting? Is there any absurdity here? No! You are seeing exactly what you see! Dungeon Maker MOD is a strategy game where you take on the role of the dark, against the knight’s attacks. Believe me, you have not encountered such an ancient game like this.

Basic information about Dungeon Maker

Game name Dungeon Maker MOD APK
Publisher GameCoaster
Category Stragety game
Size 123MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Required Android 4.1 and up

Dungeon Maker MOD APK


Dungeon Maker APK depicts the life of the evil species in the dungeon. The lord of darkness is their ruler in the dark dungeons. Of course, from the standpoint of darkness, it is a good life. Because they do not affect human life. In general, each side is a different world.

But humans, headed by knights, always sought to destroy the darkness. The battle was never over, only temporarily settled down by the knights preparing their forces. The knights won’t stop until they defeat the dark lord. In that situation, the Dark Kingdom had no choice but to face the storm.

This reminds me of a few works of Kim Dung. For example, in Swordsman, the evil cult is actually not evil. On the contrary, it is people who are called sectarian disciplines who have evil mind.

Dungeon Maker MOD APK


Dungeon Maker hack is a tower defense strategy game. Your mission when participating in this game is to summon monsters to combat the attacks of the light knights. The dark lord is the ultimate of dungeon. The most important task is to protect the dark lord.

Interestingly, it was a beautiful girl. Not as disgusting as we often imagine. The Dark Lord can fight, but don’t let her run out of energy. At that time, the game will end. Therefore, you need to have the right tactics to protect her.

Map of the game is a 3×4 rectangle with 3 vertical lines. The light knights will attack in a vertical line to approach our beautiful girl. You need to set traps and arrange monsters appropriately to prevent them. No instructions or a formation to help you win every match. You must find the right strategy after each failure.

Dungeon Maker MOD APK

Unlock the game

Like many other games, passing the first level in Dungeon Maker is relatively easy. But the later, the stronger the opponent and stagger to be able to go deeper to the dark lord. Not only do you need a smart strategy, you also need to upgrade or merge your monsters to get higher stats.

You can also unlock and summon monsters by collecting their eggs. In addition, there are many Dark Lords to choose from. Such as Elizabeth, Lilith, Rebecca, Emma … In it, Elizabeth is a vampire. Each Dark Lord has a different skill.


Although only 2D graphics background, but in return Dungeon Maker content is quite attractive and new. It gives you a completely different experience. Believe me, if you try this game, you will hardly be able to take your eyes off it for a long time. You can download the standard version for Android, or the Game MOD version I provide below. I wish you happy gaming.

Download Dungeon Maker MOD APK (Unlimited Money)
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