Evolution 2 Battle for Utopia MOD APK (High Damage): Mission Impossible

Evolution 2 Battle is the 2nd installment of the Evolution Battle shooter that once made a huge splash. This is a shooter with an attractive third-person perspective, combined with role-playing elements. In this section, you’ll learn about the Utopia universe from a new perspective. The main context of the game is the future, with very high graphics. There are many game modes for you to experience in this game, such as PvP, Campain, …

Summary about Evolution 2 Battle

Game name Evolution 2 Battle MOD APK
Publisher My.com B.V
Category Action – RPGs Game
Size 40Mb
MOD Features High Damage
Android Required 4.4 and up


Part 2 of Evolution 2 Battle MOD recreates the exciting atmosphere of Evolution that has made millions of gamers sobbing. Evolution 2’s gameplay has changed drastically, turning into extremely powerful action games. The main context of the game is the galaxy entertainment area, where it is turned into a living hell. Possessed by ruthless soldiers, monsters and fighting robots.

A relentless fight is taking place here. The never ending shooting game is waiting for! Fight with powerful weapons. You use the psi energy of Captain Blake, the protagonist of the game. His esper power is the result of a dangerous experiment. And he is ready to free them on any enemy at your command.

Evolution 2 Battle mod apk

How to play Evolution 2 Battle

Drone upgrade

Steel is an important currency and you always need it. You use steel to upgrade everything. Including equipment and your companion. In short, you can never have enough steel, as much as possible. And the best way to get more steel is to upgrade your drone. The world of Evolution 2 is full of resources and you can send drones to retrieve them.

At a higher drone level, success will be easier for you. Complete Avionics Autionous research in your lab to unlock a Drone upgrade and continue researching it. You can also buy more drones but we don’t recommend that. They are too expensive and the world map does not have so many resources. Two drones will be enough until you reach the end of the game. You can then buy two more if needed.

Evolution 2 Battle mod apk

Mission of Co-Op

You can complete co-op missions with other players if you want. Or, you can still finish them with your companion. In theory, playing with other players is better because they are not NPCs. They can choose a better target.

In fact, however, it is the opposite. I’ve completed more than a dozen collaborative missions with people, and they always go AFK (away from the keyboard) right away. So basically, I perform them and complete the tasks alone. It is a much harder job.

The main features of the game

  • Join the apocalyptic biopunk running space and gun game set on a distant planet.
  • The combination of strategy, RPG and third-person shooter – a revolution in fps multiplayer games, with ingenious combat system.
  • Upgrade your character and their companions, choose the most effective weapon and exploit enemy weaknesses.
  • Lots of quests and epic bosses. Your enemies become stronger from battle to battle.
  • Play many shooters. Summon your loyal allies and complete side-by-side missions with other players.
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