Gunslugs 3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money): Guerrilla Strategy

Gunslugs 3 is a very interesting shooting action game. In it, players will have to conquer many different levels with stronger enemies. In different terrains, you will have to dodge traps, kill enemies and bypass surveillance cameras … If you are still in doubt about the upgrade problem in the game, you can use the Game MOD version that you have. Provided with unlimited money function.

Summary about Gunslugs 3

Game name Gunslugs 3 MOD APK
Publisher Orange Pixel
Category Action game
Size 33 MB
Android required Android 4.0 and up
MOD Features Unlimited Money


Gunslugs 3

What can you expect from Gunslugs 3 MOD? What kind of action platform do the games already have? But introduced with a series of features that turn this game into a guerrilla game. And more tactics with some features fool the opponent. Fully customizable touch controls (dimensions, on screen display) and controller-supported games.

The idea is that you are free to solve this game the way you like. Act unexpectedly, stealthily and take the time to defeat the enemy? Can you do it in a hurry through the weapons?

The game uses procedural types of terrain. It makes each level a different experience. And failing to perform your task is just an excuse to try again. Because your starting group will always be different. Terrain types will come with new challenges and different build layouts so you can try them out.

Gunslugs 3

Guerrilla strategy

In Gunslugs: Rogue Tactics before, there you do the same thing. Run from left to right and defeat the target. Occasionally you will come across a building to raid. Where you can destroy furniture and shoot more enemies. But Gunslugs 3 APK has added a bunch of things you can do. You can approach each stage according to guerrilla tactics, stalking enemies before “hooking” them and bypassing the security system.

Theoretically, it’s great, but the invisible invisibility system doesn’t help you much. And eventually you will fall into crazy fights. Or more likely, your gun also becomes useless.

Rogue-lite elements keep things fresh. While there are constantly changing tasks for you to experience. Hack terminals, cut shipping containers – and a list of different playable characters to unlock.

Gunslugs 3 mod apk


However, what really makes me dislike in Gunslugs 3 hack is its controls. There are too many buttons: five actions compared to the two buttons of the previous game. There is also a pair of navigation keys. In a fast-paced arcade game like this, that’s a bit inadequate. However, I can say that this is still an interesting game and should be played to kill time during this COVID-19 season.

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