Hole.io MOD APK v1.6.8 (Full Skin): Swallowing the World

Have you ever imagined that you could swallow the whole world? Of course I think not! Nobody will have a wide mouth to swallow the whole house! But what you can’t do with a mouth, is possible with a pit of death. Think about it, with a black hole, it will swallow everything inside. That’s what you are thinking! Experience the fun with Hole.io.

Basic information about Hole.io

Game name Hole.io MOD APK
Publisher VOODOO
Category Entertaiment Game
Size 79MB
MOD Features Full Skin
Android Support 4.1 and up

Hole.io MOD APK

Swallowing the World

You will be started the game on a street corner. Then you will also be able to go anywhere you want with your black hole. You will participate in Hole.io MOD with 5 other players. When the competition officially begins, your task is to eat all you can eat.

At first, you can only eat small objects. It could be a fire hydrant, or a traffic light pole … But when your death pit is big enough, you can swallow an entire skyscraper. Reaching that level, you are too terrible in this game already.

Each match only takes 2 minutes. So you need to take every opportunity you have to swallow the world. You are also very simple to be able to swallow objects. Just touch and move the black hole close to objects. Everything else is done automatically for you.

Hole.io MOD APK


Hole.io hack has a relatively simple and realistic design. 2D graphics plus a 360-degree rotation with elegant colors. In addition, the details of the neighborhood are also meticulously designed. The physical mechanics are featured in this game. For example, if you greedily swallow an object that is too big, it will take you time. In addition, the sound is quite good.


In addition to playing with an internet connection or playing off-line, you can also connect to bluetooth with friends to play Hole.io together. To do that, you need to create a room by going to the Local Multiplayer menu, then inviting your friends to play. Enjoy the exciting moments of this game. Wish you have fun playing the game!

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