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Those who have loved the Feeding Frenzy game on PC, would love Hungry Shark on the mobile. This is a gentle adventure game. You will play the friendly shark. But when you eat everything and get bigger, you will be less friendly!

Hungry Shark Evolution has been available on both Android and iOS operating systems for quite some time. So far, on Android, it has had nearly 200 million downloads. This game is also rated 4.5 / 5 from 6.5 million players. That is enough to show the attractiveness of Hungry Shark MOD.

Summary about Hungry Shark MOD APK

Game name Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK
Publisher Ubisoft
Category Adventure
Size 94MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Android 4.1


Hungry Shark Evolution plays in the style of Endless Run. That means you will play continuously until new mistakes Game Over. However, unlike the games Subway Surfers or Temple Run (Running away from the guard or the monsters), this time you are in control of the initiative, hunting and eating arbitrary.

The rules of Hungry Shark Evolution are relatively similar to Feeding Frenzy. The game probably stuck with the childhood of so many people. Basically, you just need to use the virtual button that controls the shark to hunt. One more tap on the screen will make you rush faster. Increase the ability to chase your fish.

Hungry Shark MOD APK

Note when playing Hungry Shark

When you collect a certain amount of food, you will activate Gold Rush. During Gold Rush, players will not be limited to acceleration. You will become immortal for a few seconds. At the same time turning everything into gold, you will eat even those bigger than you.

As a child, you should only live in seclusion on the sea floor. You have to accept to bully the little ones (crabs and small fish) and stay away from the big guys. By eating small fish, you can prolong your life. Increase your score at the same time increase yourself. 10 is the maximum level you can achieve in a game.

When you have enough fins, you should sit on the surface. This is when you assert yourself as the hegemony of the ocean. Rest assured, at this time, there is no animal in the water that dares to oppose you.

Hungry Shark MOD APK

A lot of terrible fishes for you to experience

In the diverse animal world, each animal is divided into different types in appearance, size or even hunting. Sharks are no exception. Hungry Shark APK has really many types of sharks for you to experiment. They are designed based on both real life and imagination.

When you first join the game, you will get acquainted with the basic shark. The first fish you train is Reef Shark, the fish with modest physique. Turn after that with the increasing magnitude. These are Mako Shark, Hammerhead Shark, Tiger Shark and Great White Shark.

The bigger the fish, the bigger it will be with the smaller ones in every way, not only that, they will also give you more money and points. Besides, with each fish unlockable, players can use gold to upgrade their skills including bite, speed, speed.

When you reach a score of 500000 in a game, you can unlock new waters with lots of really scary sharks. The legendary Megalodon, which has been extinct for a long time, suddenly has the opportunity to return to dominate the sea once again.

Besides super tyrant sharks, there are other types of fish with many interesting possibilities. Electro Shark, for example, discharges to numb the prey. Iced Shark froze an entire sea. Or Robot Shark can shoot mines from its mouth …

Hungry Shark MOD APK

Hegemony but should be cautious

The proverb has a very good sentence, “Know the enemy knows us, and wins a hundred battles.” This statement is even more true for a king like you. Although when reaching the maximum level, you should still be wary of some things should not touch.

Throughout the game, you need to pay attention to the blue bar in the right corner of the screen. That is your blood column. The column of blood will decrease over time and the consumption of other fish will fully fill the blood bar.

However, there are some things that when touched will cause the shark to lose blood directly. Beware of torpedoes floating in the middle of the sea. The venom of jellyfish or rays can also cause you to bleed without braking.

Hungry Shark hack has a huge boss crab at the bottom of the map, go down there and explore!

Hungry Shark MOD APK

Message from seashells

In the process of foraging, try to collect lots of seashells located on the cliffs. Inside them are the side quests the game sends to you. Performing the task will help you know more in-game features and get a lot more gold.


Hungry Shark world has an extremely sharp 3D graphics platform. Detailed images are made meticulously. Allows players to explore life full of fun below the ocean floor. Download the game is extremely fun and interesting offline. Hurry up, the sea is waiting for you to explore!

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