Idle City Empire MOD APK (Unlimited Money): Dream become to King’s Island

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own island? You are free to decide what to build on it. Build houses, shopping centers, industrial parks … Create a city you desire with Idle City Empire. Become a rich, great man and a monument of city dwellers.

Summary about Idle City Empire

Game name Idle City Empire MOD APK
Publisher Futureplay
Category Simulation Game
Size 50 MB
Android required Android 4.1 and up
MOD Features Unlimited Money


Idle City Empire MOD is an economic strategy game. In it players build their own city. Everything starts with a small area where all administrative buildings are located. To attract residents, you will have to build important housing and infrastructure. Gradually a small town will grow into a huge metropolis. Large numbers of buildings, shopping malls, industrial businesses and other objects are created.

In addition to building buildings, you also need to monitor the level of happiness of citizens. Seize the opportunity to become a billionaire by creating the greatest city in the world. Get ready to create, upgrade and automate the city.

Idle City Empire MOD APK

Ways to make money in the game

Increase the time to ship ice cream

Providing delicious ice cream has never been so profitable! Touch the ice cream center and watch a short ad to provide delicious ice cream to citizens. Ice cream truck will be delivered and you will get more income from buildings as long as the ice cream truck continues to move.

In Idle City Empire APK, Ice Cream Truck will continue to provide free ice cream for a limited time only. You can see the hours remaining and profit factor next to the ice cream center. When the timer reaches 0, the ice cream truck will stop and return to its position.

Profit is likely to stop rising. You can keep the ice cream truck moving by extending the timer. You can do this by viewing a short ad. Each time you watch the video, you extend the delivery time by 2 hours. You can extend delivery time up to 12 hours.

Idle City Empire MOD APK

Organize more festivals

Carnival is another way to earn money fast in Idle City Empire hack. During the festival, the coin multiplier increases the profits your buildings earn in seconds. When it starts, the timer is displayed on the screen and the multiplier remains active until the timer reaches zero.

All you have to do is swipe quickly to collect the coins accumulated by your buildings so they continue to produce more with the multiplier turned on. In this way, you will earn huge profits in a short period of time.

Look for a big pig face helium balloon. Touch it and then press the Start button Carnival Carnival button. You will have to see a short ad to start the festival. After you finish watching the video, the festival starts and you will quickly swipe around your buildings to collect the coins accumulated by them. Keep swiping until the festival timer is zero.

Idle City Empire MOD APK

Construction investment

Investing in construction is a sure way to increase income. Touch the hard hat icon at the bottom of the screen. And the investment clock appears on top of every building. Touch the clock on the top of a building to fill it. Remember that every time you touch, you spend money.

Also, asking for coins to fill up the clock increases with each tap, so make sure you have plenty of cash before investing. When the investment clock is full, you earn more profit from that building. Continue to fill meters on a building to double your profits.

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