Idle World MOD APK v4.1 (Unlimited Money): Your own universe

Not just the World as it is called (World), Idle World also gives you the experience of the Creator of the Universe. This is a simulation game that allows players to create and manage their own universe. The game was developed and published by Homa Games, a potential developer in the field of mobile games. Although it has just launched, but the game has attracted the attention of many gamers.

Summary about Idle World

Game name Idle World MOD APK
Publisher Homa Games
Category Simulation Game
Size 61Mb
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Android support 6.0 and up

Idle World MOD APK

Explore your universe

The universe is an extremely broad concept, it covers the whole space, time and infinite matter. If you need to know more about the universe, please search Google. To the extent of my limited understanding of the universe, as read in Stephen Hawking’s History of Time, I only know that each of us is only a billionth of a billion of the singing particles in the vast desert. named after the universe.

You can explore the universe step by step with the Idle World MOD game. When you first join the game, you will discover about the elements in the universe. Start with nanoparticles, then expand your universe and learn about many other things. Nanoparticles are extremely small particles but have properties as a whole unit.

Next, you will be able to discover black holes after expanding your universe. Build your own galaxy for the universe. Not only that, you can also use the cosmic black hole to increase your collected output. The black hole sucks everything near it so you can collect the elements as quickly and simply as possible. Build separate galaxies for your universe to discover more amazing things hidden behind each planet.

Idle World MOD APK

Great experiences

Idle World APK has a simple and idle gameplay. You just need to tap the screen to collect energy and elements to upgrade your universe. You can play games even when offline anywhere, anytime. Enjoy the evolution of the universe even in your absence. Does this remind you of a simulation game I introduced? That is TerraGenesis!

With the planets in your universe, you can make great discoveries, especially the earth. Scientists’ researches have been added to the game to help you gain more knowledge. You can explore the atmosphere, specifically the ozone layer … And a lot of other things in the game. Science is a very interesting thing. It stimulates curious people, wants to learn about it.

In addition, you can travel into space to discover more things. Have you ever wondered what Mars looks like or Jupiter or what Saturn looks like? What is on those crystals? Not only about the earth, but you can explore many other planets in the solar system. You can also explore the stars in the sky or explore the asteroids in it.

Idle World MOD APK


Idle World hack is really the best space simulation game I’ve ever known. It is very suitable for science enthusiasts and want to learn about the universe. It also makes you feel new when you step into the vast, endless universe. With the power of God, you can enjoy the fun of expanding the galaxy and creating planets. To make the game experience easier, you can use your MOD APK version with unlimited money function.

Download Idle World MOD APK (Unlimied Money)

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