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Wow! I’m going to introduce you another zombie survival game. This topic has never bored me. So, rest assured because Into the Dead 2 will still be an extremely attractive game. This game is the development of part 1: Into the Dead, each leading the game charts.

Into the Dead is a game that combines shooting and survival. Therefore, it has created a craze with gamers by this bold combination. It has created an extremely attractive 3D survival game. And perhaps the return of Into the Dead 2 will be a big step in the history of the publisher PIKPOK.

Summary about Into the Dead 2 MOD APK

Game name Into the Dead 2 MOD APK
Publisher PIKPOK
Category Survival game
Size 32MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money + VIP
Android 4.1

The plot of Into the Dead 2

Into the Dead 2 MOD takes players into a troubled world. That’s where strange diseases have turned so many people into scary zombies. They are always looking for ways to attack and eat the survivors. This is a very familiar motif of the game or movie about Zoombies.

At this time, James is on his way to search for his wife Halen. He is trapped in the area of ​​countless zombies. James’s truck crashes into a zombie and makes him lose control. His car was overturned and James was surrounded by ghosts.

Fortunately, James is okay. He got out of the car and picked up a picture of himself and Halen together. Suddenly, zombies appear because they smell the fragrant flesh of humans. They rushed in and tried to attack him. Still having a gun, he shot them and tried to keep in touch with Halen. James tries to run between the ruins in hopes of escaping the zombie encirclement.

Into the Dead 2 MOD APK


Rarely has any anti-zombie survival game designed in the first view as Into the Dead 2 APK. As James, the player will have to do everything in order to find Halen. He needed to go home before it was too late. You can control your character to avoid the zombies ahead. While the move forward is automatic. If you can’t dodge zombies, you can use your weapon to attack them.

Initially, the player will be granted a shotgun according to the story. Later players can unlock more powerful weapons. Remember that the amount of ammunition in the game is extremely limited. You can get random ammo boxes during the move to supplement your firepower but still need to be extremely economical. Don’t overplay your forehead, as this will make you regret it.

The game has 7 chapters, including more than 60 screens. Numerous different challenges with increasing difficulty. The story in the game is made flexible. And may vary based on player developments.

Into the Dead 2 MOD APK


You need to get rid of zombies, of course. In addition, you also need to pay attention to the quest system to receive rewards. Maybe kill 5 zombies at once. Collect all bullets along the way, or not lose any bullets. Mission system will help you be more excited and not be bored while playing.

In addition, you can upgrade your weapons to increase the damage. The rate of fire and reload speed as well as the magazine upgrade also need upgrading. You can also have a companion dog, both a pet and an assistant.

Graphics & Sound

If in Part 1, the 3D graphics of Into the Dead are only black and white, the game Into the Dead 2 MOD, the game has been intensely improved when adding colors, improving both in details. However, beneath the colorful world are the zombies of horror. And the gloomy atmosphere of the world is entering a decline.

The sound of Into the Dead 2 is also made very carefully. It helps players feel the chill to the cold when facing zombies. Running or being killed.

Into the Dead 2 MOD APK


It can be said that Into the Dead 2 MOD is a survival game worth playing for those who love the genre of shooting. Into the Dead 2 has beautiful graphics. Gameplay is also dramatic and the story is full of humanity. The game has a fairly high speed, as well as a variety of support equipment. In the future, this game may be improved to open new game modes.

With support for iOS and, most recently, Android support, you can play Into the Dead 2 MOD wherever you like. Here is the download link Into the Dead 2, including the Game MOD version for you who like. Wish you have fun playing the game!

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