Kingdom Rush Frontiers MOD APK (Unlimited money): Best of game Tower Defense

Kingdom Rush Frontiers is an interesting strategy game in the tower defense genre. Your mission is to protect your land from dragons and scary predators. To your city, with the watchtower forever shining lights. The game was developed and published by Ironhide Game Studio. You can download the version Game Mod under this content, or basic version at Google Play.

Summary about Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Game name Kingdom Rush Frontiers MOD APK
Publisher Ironhide Game Studio
Category Strategy Game
Size 17MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Android required 4.1 and up

Basic informations about game

Kingdom Rush Frontiers MOD is an attractive game on Android belonging to the Tower Defense genre. Players will have to place all combat units in a certain area. The mission is to protect the Kingdom from the onslaught of evil enemies. Weapons can be drastically improved during game play, which creates a lot of options for the development of the strategy.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers APK is a classic representation of tower defense genre. High quality visual design and thoughtful gameplay will be truly appreciated by fans of mobile strategies.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers MOD APK


Initially you have a small amount of money to build the first fortress. Then, just pay attention to which side will go the first unit, so as not to calculate the wrong position. Attack locations are marked with special pieces with an indicator showing the squad’s arrival time. This process, by the way, you can accelerate by clicking on the skull a few times.

Enemy attack in Kingdom Rush Frontiers hack is wave. The first wave is the weakest and contains the minimum unit. So it is the biggest and the most dangerous. In the battle to destroy enemies to earn money you can pay for new towers and improve them. Menu manager unit open tap. There, not only can the fortress be upgraded, but the tower can be sold to build a new one.

The head of security is a brave knight at the gate. During the game, users need to improve their skills, use special energy, earned at passing locations. This energy not only improves the character’s combat characteristics, but also opens up the ability to access various spells.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers MOD APK

Biuld and Defense Tower

More than 18 tower abilities. Unleash death knights, pest clouds or assassins stealing and destroying your enemies. 8 upgraded dedicated towers. Slice, sizzle, and stomp your enemies with Crossbow Forts, Mighty Templar, Necromancer, and even Earthquake Machines – hey, we told you we were making everything shake.

Upgrading the system allows you to maximize the towers according to your preferred strategy. Fortify borders in exotic news lands – keeping streams in deserts, forests and even the underworld. 16 legendary heroes. Choose your champion and train their abilities. Each has unique specialties that match different playing styles and strategies. Special units and features on every stage.

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