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Love Live School Idol is a music genre game. The game was released by KLab based on the anime which is the strength of Japan. The combination of vibrant music, youthful and eye-catching animation has made the success of this game. So far, the Love Live School Idol MOD has more than 10 million downloads and is rated 4.5 out of 5 on Google Play.

Summary Love Live School Idol MOD APK

Name Love Live School Idol Festival MOD APK
Publisher KLab
Category Music – Anime
Size 96MB
MOD Features Auto Perfect
Android 4.0

Lost in the childhood world

Anyone, especially girls, must have a childhood. At that time, it must be Japanese anime cartoons or comics that fascinated you. Entering the world of Love Live School Idol APK, you seem to be lost in the world of childhood.

With over 100 easy-to-play songs, the difficulty level can be adjusted to suit you. You will be participating in interesting events in the game. The words of introduction and introduction sounded very good. Although you may not understand what they are saying (because it is Japanese). You will also be able to participate in events as well as create and strengthen your own school idol team.

The costumes of the characters in Love Live School Idol are super cute. School idols in μ’s, Aqours, and many other groups are added regularly.

Love Live School Idol MOD APK

Highlights in Love Live School Idol

—- Rhythm Action —-
The Live Show is made by tapping the screen in rhythm.

Many songs from the series “Love Live!” and “Love Live! Sunshine !!” be in the game!

—- Follow the Story —-
This game does not just provide music; Read the story to learn more about school idols!
Each member has their own story, with chapters fully voiced. Deepen your relationship with them and share that special moment together!

—- In-Game Events —-
There’s always something interesting going on at the School Idol Festival. Many types of events allow you to enjoy this music game in many different ways.

Love Live School Idol MOD APK

And what else ???

Play with other players, unlock new original stories or even test your skills in a team of 100 players!

Companion Matches
Play along with your friends to complete the missions!

Adventure promenade
Follow exclusive stories and play on a mini map with the main members!

Match Score
Aim for the highest score for your favorite songs. Battles can be organized with up to 100 players!

—- Create Your Own Group —-
You can choose and create your own groups from μ’s, Aqours and many other original members.

Create groups that best suit your favorite songs or events, or just your favorite members. It all depends on you!

—- Improve Your Membership —-
Practice with your team members to help them improve. The more they practice, the higher their performance points will be!

Enjoy the variety of original songs and characters in this Japanese anime rhythm game!

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