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The Marvel Universe has been a craze for film industry for decades. Not only that, it also spread to other genres, including mobile games. There have been countless mod game titles that exploit this topic and are very successful. Among them, can not fail to mention the Marvel Strike Force.

Summary about Marvel Strike Force MOD APK

Game name Marvel Strike Force MOD APK
Publisher FoxNext Games Studio
Category RPGs
Size 111MB
MOD Features Unlimited Fuel
Android 4.4 trở lên


Marvel Strike Force MOD is an RPG that revolves around Marvel superheroes developed by FoxNext Games Studio, a subsidiary of Marvel. FoxNext brings together former members of the Kabam team, the father studio of Marvel: Contest of Champions – the previously famous game. And the Marvel Strike Force is their debut at the new headquarters.

Basically, Marvel Strike Force APK is a story revolving around superheroes in the Marvel movie universe with the battle against Thanos and the most evil people in the universe with the plot to invade the globe.

The attack has begun and the superheroes have gathered together to fight to protect the earth. Command your superheroes in the strongest squad. Including Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Loki, Venom, Elektra, Captain America and Iron Man. Get ready to save the earth!

Marvel Strike Force MOD APK

Strategy game

In the game, you will take the role of the highest commander. Your task is to select superheroes to participate in the mission continuously. Purpose to investigate the mysterious attack. You can form a team of up to 5 superheroes at the same time. Each superhero has its own ability and power.

Game built turn-based combat system. Which means you won’t just have to own powerful superheroes. But there must be a reasonable strategy throughout the battle. Each superhero will have the skills and you need to coordinate so that the most reasonable. When attacking, each superhero will use his skills to attack the designated opponent, combined with the team to be able to win.

Captain of superheroes

Marvel Strike Force hack is a role-playing game. Typically a diverse superhero system from the Marvel universe. You can build a force of over 70 different characters, with undisclosed names. Especially these superheroes all have links to each other. When they are in the team, will create power effects to support you throughout the battle.

Each superhero in the game must collect a variety of equipment to grow stronger. And they have from 3 to 4 unique abilities of their own. When upgrading skills, new abilities will unlock and reveal new tactical options.

For example, Daredevil initially could only attack one target in a turn. But it can evolve to create multiple attorneys with multiple enemies in one turn. This will help expand the tactics you can use when upgrading to your superhero.

Marvel Strike Force MOD APK


FoxNext promises to bring players a game with extremely impressive graphics background through the design and creation of characters in the game based on 3D graphics as realistic as possible. With 3-dimensional space, you will admire a game with extremely great authenticity.


Marvel Strike Force is like another version of the Marvel blockbusters I’ve ever seen. The game mod has quite a lot to experience. From the character system is gradually unlocked according to the quest. Beautiful 3D graphics to collect the infinity stones. Reward system and a series of exciting events.

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