Download Game Mow Zombies MOD APK (Unlimited Money): The Zombies Wars

Mow Zombies MOD APK is an interesting action shooter. Attractive game with top-down perspective and extremely beautiful animated graphic background. This game is released by Digital Native. The MOD version of will give you unlimited money to buy weapons and immortal mode. You can also play the standard version from Google Play.

Summary about Mow Zombies

Game name Mow Zombies MOD APK
Publisher Digital Native
Category Action Game
Size 36MB
MOD features Unlimted Money
Android required 4.1 and up

Mow Zombies MOD APK

Basic information about game

Mow Zombies MOD – dynamic action game with top view and cartoon graphics. Players will control a cute young girl, who will cleverly deal with zombies. The world is completely destroyed by the forces of walking corpses, and the protagonist may be his salvation.

In order to achieve the old state of the planet, she will lead the battle in spacious locations against the enemies. Each defeated enemy will allow you to earn some money. The money will be spent on buying new guns. Also during the battle, she will be able to move to a military transport place.


Defeat the special zombies

Normal zombies are easy to solve. As soon as these brain-eating monsters invade the circle, they were smashed into pulp. But the zombies are especially stronger and they’ve just won the walk towards your character. They will sprint, jump towards you, even try to snipe you down and explode as they get closer to you. Here are a few dangerous zombies to note:

Mow Zombies MOD APK

1. Normal Zombie

Purple sand monster: You will encounter these troublesome creatures anytime anywhere. The white ones are less dangerous, they hit the purple ones that will slowly crawl and then suddenly pounce on you. The best way to deal with them is to eliminate them before they jump.

Red Sprinters: They appear harmless until they charge towards your character. Dressed in red, they run so fast that no bullet can stop them, but you can. Just before he sprints, a red path appears between him and your character as soon as he enters her range. Stay away from the red road as soon as you see it.

Purple Police Z Armed with Laser Gun: Purple zombies are extremely dangerous because they have received any warning before they attack. They will shoot lasers. The only way to protect yourself is to keep an eye out for purple laser beams and don’t let them hit you. Like snipers, you should always try to eliminate purple zombies sooner.

Big spider: People with arachnophobia get away! Smaller spiders are easy to kill, but they are bigger ones that can make you panic. When you kill a large spider, small spiders emerge from the dead spider and rush towards you. Flamethrowers will be a good weapon option to combat them.

Mow Zombies MOD APK

2. Zombies Z

Sniper Z: Wearing yellow uniforms, they are large zombies using sniper weapons. You will even know when you were beaten when you were busy fighting the enemy. But if you pay attention to the large range or the target hovering around your character, you can avoid this danger. The target appears just before he snipes you. Just move away from the target and you’ll be fine, but make sure you eliminate a sniper zombie as soon as possible!

Construction workers Z: They are big, they wear hard hats, just like construction workers and throw big rocks at you. Donith allows them to come closer to you and move away when you spot an oncoming rock.


They are very agile and will accelerate as they enter the circle around your character (similar to those little sand monsters). The good thing is that your character will immediately attack an oncoming zombie dog, but stay alert and keep moving your character backwards as she continues to attack the dogs.

Bomb carrying Z: They carry bombs, run faster than others and explode when approaching your character. Remove them when they enter the circle.

Game features

  • Use only one hand to avoid and kill the zombies coming towards you from all sides
  • The thrilling zombie siege is visually stunning
  • In addition to destroying all zombies, there are more interesting missions to complete
  • Get many featured guns to make you better
  • Challenge the best boss to prove you’re the best
Download Mow Zombies MOD APK
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