My Cafe – Recipes & Stories MOD APK (Unlimited Money): Start-up story

Have you ever played the cafe management games? Those are quite interesting simulation games. Because more or less of us also intend to open cafes. But the games that you play most are quite fast. Players often only interested in developing the shop. But My Cafe – Recipes & Stories is a completely different story.

With My Cafe MOD, you will focus on customer stories rather than calculating profit and loss. This brings something new and quite interesting. You will have the opportunity to find out what customers want. More importantly, you and the customer will understand each other and you will be better served.

Summary about My Cafe – Restaurant Game

Game name My Cafe – Recipes & Stories MOD APK
Publisher Melsoft Games
Category Simulation Game
Size 25MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Required Android 4.1 and up

My Cafe - Recipes & Stories MOD APK

Start-up story

As mentioned, My Cafe APK is different from other games on the same topic. Everything in this game takes place relatively slowly. When you start a cafe and snack food, you will have a few basic equipment. It was a coffee machine, a pastry cupboard and an ice cream freezer. You also have a table for your customers.

Naturally, the location of your store is quite nice, located right in the middle of the avenue where people are busy. But initially, due to no echo, only a few guests will come to you. Initially, only Ann is the person who serves your restaurant. And you must replace Ann to talk to each customer. To find out what they want to use.

The difference is in this place. In other games, this stage is done automatically. Players just sit and watch everything happen and collect money. In My Cafe Restaurant game, you have to really find out what customers want and fulfill their requirements. You will really experience the story of starting a coffee.

My Cafe - Recipes & Stories MOD APK

The formulars

An important thing in My Cafe is the type of recipe for making food and drinks. Things are not natural there. First you need to unlock the recipe. There are basic drinks such as Tea, Epresso, Americano, Ice Cream, Cakes, Chocolate drinks …

Each of these foods and drinks will have a basic recipe available. For example, Cappuccino will have the basic type available. Also want Chocolate Cappuccino, you need to unlock this drink. By collecting all kinds of ingredients to make it. You will open the gift box daily, or buy the above materials in the shop.


The graphics of My Cafe hack are also different from previous games. It was built by Melsoft Games on 3D instead of 2D like most other games. This brings a new and more enjoyable experience for players. Of course, the game still has the cauldron view as normal games.

The interesting of the game is also shown in the statistics. On the Android platform, it has nearly 100 million installed. And on Google Play, nearly 4 million gamers voted for the game to score 4.6 / 5. To use the MOD APK version (Unlimited money), please remember to install OBB!

My Cafe - Recipes & Stories MOD APK


My Cafe is really a completely new story of coffee startup. The approach of this game is slow. It helps players focus more on building relationships with customers. In addition, you can also explore many recipes, concoctions with this game.

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