New Star Soccer MOD APK v4.16.5 (Unlimited Money) Fast Download + No ADS

New Star Soccer MOD APK

Among the countless soccer games on Mobile platform, New Star Soccer is really very successful. So far, this game has reached more than 10 million installs from Google Play. In addition, it also has a very high review score, 4.6 / 5 from nearly 3 million reviews.

That shows the irresistible attraction of New Star Soccer. Even so, football games are now very popular on the Store. I also see many friends who rated this game too cool. More than the same games like Dream League Soccer, or FIFA …

Thông tin cơ bản về New Star Soccer MOD APK

Game name New Star Soccer
Publisher Five Aces Publishing Ltd
Category Sports Game – Football
Size 64Mb
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Android Upto 4.1

Original Football Game

Usually football games have 2 types: One is to spend a lot of money to win, or classic games, but it is too familiar and not much attractive. New Star Soccer is different. It can bring everything a football soccer fanatic needs.

Five Aces Publishing Ltd has improved a lot in this game version. It has created games that are suitable for football fans. On the game store there are a bunch of things you need. That is how the cleverly “hook” your publisher. But okay, please be assured with the Game MOD version that I will provide.

New Star Soccer MOD APK

Biuld the Best Team

When you control your team, there are a number of indicators that need to be considered and prioritized. A player’s rating is an indicator of what level you are at. Winning matches (and practicing kicks) will give you experience points to upgrade your squad.

Besides, Energy is an important indicator in New Star Soccer MOD, to show the number of matches you can still participate in the season. If the stat runs out, you cannot fight again. Don’t worry, rest assured as it will gradually fill up over time. And if you want to level up fast, you need to buy something in the store. Or use the Game MOD APK version.

In addition, during training, you must also pay attention to your players. The value of the players manifested through their skills, happiness and lifestyle. They will gradually be increased through your activities throughout the season.

That means it encourages you to balance everything in the player’s life. Do not overload the players with a dense training and competition schedule. Give them some time to rest. The season is very stressful, so you need to know how to rewind and schedule properly.

New Star Soccer MOD APK

Not only Skills

In New Star Soccer, in addition to attractive matches, players must hire services, coaches. Their task is to automatically take care of your work when you’re not around. They will replace you with the tedious, everyday tasks you do automatically.

You will maximize your ability to play with the accompanying care services. You just need to focus on learning new skills to develop young talent. Everything else has been programmed automatically. If you are free, find other fun with horse racing, or some golf … It makes you more comfortable after participating in intense matches.

New Star Soccer MOD APK


New star Soccer APK uses many different types of graphic design. Players who log into the game can choose everything about their screens. Brand new graphics created by the most talented designers will give you a modern feel as well as the smoothest matches, enough to match products from EA or Tencent. Along with that, you can also switch the graphical interface to the classic interface.

This is an old design that is only familiar to players from previous versions of the game. It helps you control the game more easily. No matter which type of control you choose, what happens in the game doesn’t change much.

The view of New Star Soccer is from above. You will easily follow and adjust tactics with this view. What are you waiting for without downloading the game and enjoy the fun from this cult game. I wish you happy gaming.

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