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ShadowGun Legends is one of the most popular FPS game series on both PC and mobile. This shooter is released by Madfinger Games. It was one of the oldest action games in the world. It has a strong appeal despite the years passing. About 3-4 years ago, the time ShadowGun first version was born, this game won many good reviews from experts and the gaming community.

I remember, back then, the graphics of Shadowgun were the best at the time. Besides is super attractive gameplay. Multiplayer mode is always crowded with players participating. And it seems Madfinger Games have fallen asleep on victory. They are slow to update patches and improve gameplay and graphics. Which led to the lack of ShadowGun Legends MOD compared to the new games at the time. In the context of increasingly better graphics technology and more and more creative developers.

After a long silence, perhaps Madfinger Games had an official answer to Shadowgun’s fate. It is this fascinating FPS game series that will officially return on iOS and Android platforms with the latest version called Shadowgun Legends (MOD Free Kick Enemy). Currently the game has gone through a trial phase and has officially opened worldwide.

Summary about Shadowgun Legends MOD APK

Name ShadowGun Legends MOD APK
Publisher Madfinger Games
Category Action – Shooting
Size 42MB
MOD Features Freeze Enemies
Android 6.0

Shadowgun Legends MOD APK

The depth plot

Shadowgun Legends APK will still be a science fiction story with the main content as the battle between galactic warriors and alien creatures. The game will open with a vital battle between the warring faction and the base of the most dangerous alien creatures, you will be guided and familiarized with the manipulation of the game. After finishing the introductory game, you will be able to choose for yourself a character with customizations on skin color, hair, body style, … and start on the journey of a true space warrior.

In the middle of a city in space, you will have to find Slade to sign a contract and start the work of a Shadowgun. At this point, you will have to start a series of missions to explore space and destroy your alien creatures. In your free time, you can return to the city and run around here, chatting with other players.

Shadowgun Legends MOD APK

Super blockbuster FPS

Shadowgun Legends is a true FPS shooter combined with role-playing genre. Almost inheriting the quintessence of the games in the series, Madfinger Games has brought Shadowgun Legends with almost great features, besides improvements in the gameplay system, graphics and an extremely attractive new storyline. The in-game features will gradually be opened during your execution of the assigned tasks, generally bringing a strong appeal to any player.

The features of an FPS game are almost nothing to blame in Shadowgun Legends. The controls in the game are optimized so you can manipulate easily in each match, generally not too much different from other games of the same genre.

In the aspect of an RPG, Shadowgun Legends builds you a fairly diverse weapon system so you can upgrade your character’s power. Currently the game owns hundreds of weapons and armor with different styles of bold science fiction design. Collect items, materials, and equipment through quests and shop systems, and upgrade their power to increase their fighting power.

Shadowgun Legends MOD APK

Diverse game modes

The basic game mode of the game is the story mode, where you will engage in continuous battles according to the assigned tasks. You will experience over 200 challenging campaign missions. Besides, the most expected modes are PvP ability compared to skill with other players, along with boss mode with attractive rewards.

Super graphics

It’s no exaggeration to say that Shadowgun Legends is one of the best mobile FPS games with graphics, which can be said to be no less than the No. 1 cult game currently Modern Combat Versus. Designed on the latest Unreal Engine 4 platform, Shadowgun Legends still has a science fiction style but at a new level. The small details in the game are so real that it is mistaken for a true PC game.

Not only beautiful, the graphics of Shadowgun Legends are also optimized to ensure the smoothest even on mid-range phones. When I experienced it, I found Shadowgun Legends to be very smooth and without lag, just a little hot when I played Shadowgun Legends for a long time.

Shadowgun Legends MOD APK


With an installer capacity of up to 1 GB, Shadowgun Legends will certainly be a super graphic product that you cannot ignore. With attractive gameplay, exciting role-playing features and diverse game modes, Shadowgun Legends will surely become a hot game in the near future.

After all, Shadowgun Legends is completely free and I will have to thank Madfinger Games for this. The game supports both Android and iOS, you can download the game through the link below.

Download from Google Play
Free Download for iOS
Download Game MOD APK

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