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State of Survival is a strategy-style survival game from KingsGroup Holdings. This is the father of many famous games like Dino War: Rise of Beasts, Z Day: Hearts of Heroes … You will build your base, and fight against the riot zoombies.

Summary about State of Survival MOD APK

Game name State of Survival MOD APK
Publisher KingsGroup Holdings
Category Survival Game
Size 137MB
MOD Features No Skill CD
Android 4.1


State of Survival MOD is set in a future world facing a zombie disaster. Of course, this is humanity’s catastrophic disease, as many games and films have mentioned. Governments and armies of many countries have all retreated to bases in the ground.

Six months after the pandemic broke out, you and some lucky people are not infected. You must fight to reclaim life on the surface. At this point, nothing seems too important. Your ultimate goal is to survive in a world of pitfalls in Zoombies.

The emerging town of Hope47 is a promising shelter for humans after the end of the world. With several buildings and a group of hard-working citizens. Humans are looking for a leader to restore civilization. It must be someone who has the ability to turn things around and lead humanity through challenges.

State of Survival MOD APK


As the Chief, you will be responsible for implementing a long-term roadmap to reestablish human society in a dynamic environment. You will break the boundaries and expand the settlement. Then upgrade to play at the next level. You will also expand the scale of resource production. Promote technological innovations that support the survival of residents of the State of Survival APK.

In addition, you are also responsible for directing daily activities. It is to destroy the undead undead and fight the attack of bandits. You will lead a combined army. Like archers, snipers, melee fighters or motorcycle riders. Your task force also has a special member, that is a brave dog.

State of Survival MOD APK


Through a long-term and sustained campaign, you will also continue on the ambitious project: finding the optimal remedy for the zombie plague with the support of a researcher, Dr. Yamazaki. You may need to directly direct a small group of first-class warriors called Heroes. Specializing in finding resources and information, including searching for trash.

The ideal candidate will be the one who is guaranteed no disease. Along with strategic thinking and passion for restoring civilization. In addition, you must also be active. Can act independently as well as effectively communicate with other leaders in the Alliance of State of Survival hack.

You will be working flexible hours, have the opportunity to command at home. Lead hard-working citizens ready to carry out all your commands. You will also have useful tools to reach the target audience. Including key technologies such as axes and maces. And the opportunity to increase your name in the history of civilization restoration.

State of Survival MOD APK


State of Survival is a survival game with a new and attractive style. The game promotes the solidarity and intelligence of humankind. Just by the will, everything can be done. What are you waiting for without downloading this mod game and saving the world.

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