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Subway Surfers MOD APK

Subway Surfers is an endless running form game. Those who ever love Temple Run 2, Certainly no stranger to this game genre. But more than the opponent’s game, Subway Surfers was launched before Temple Run. Not only that, this game of Kiloo Games also holds a record with over 1 billion downloads from Google Play.

Subway Surfers MOD simulates a chase between the Inspector. Subject was chased by naughty little girls. That is enough for the publisher Kiloo Games to bring us a great game. No need to say much about this game. Subway Surfers is undoubtedly one of the most successful “endless running” games in mobile game history.

Summary about Subway Surfers MOD APK

Name Subway Surfers MOD APK
Category Endless Run
Size 90MB
Publisher Kiloo Games
MOD Features Unlimited Coins/Key
Android 4.1

Chasing on the train tracks

The story of Subway Surfers is very interesting and different from the other motifs. One beautiful day, Jake – a naughty boy inspired to paint graffity on the tram. However, he was not lucky.

The violent Inspector discovered him and chased him with a baton in his hand. The Inspector wasn’t very happy. He was determined to catch him to teach a lesson. From there the pursuit began.

Subway Surfers MOD APK


How to play of Subway Surfers APK is very simple. You must run nonstop along the train tracks. The game keeps you moving forward. Skillfully avoid obstacles on the tracks and oncoming trains. You can control Jake to jump (swipe up), roll (swipe down) and move to the sides (swipe left or right).

At first you will think that this game has no depth. It seems that it has only one repetitive gameplay. However, you will have to think again after playing Subway Surfers. After playing once, you will definitely want to play it again next time so you don’t make the same mistake.

Just like that, you’ve always been “addicted” to the game at all times. Increasingly, the increased speed makes it difficult to control the character. Your reflexes and ingenuity will help you win this game. After reaching a record score, the system will save it. You can confidently show off your achievements to your friends. Tell them who is the best Subway Surfers player!

Subway Surfers MOD APK

The items

During the game will appear support items. They are:

  • Jetpack: Help Jake temporarily fly up and collect coins in the sky over a period of time. You will not encounter any obstacles during this time.
  • Coin Magnet: Magnets help you suck the surrounding coins without directly picking it up.
  • Sneakers: Run faster and jump higher. However, you must be careful because jumping too far is easy to bump into other obstacles.
  • Multiplier: Increase more points.
  • Skateboard: which helps you move smoother. Especially, during use, your character will be protected from tripping and bumping obstacles for 30 seconds. Take advantage of this feature to have more chances of survival.

You can use coins to upgrade the validity of these items. Also, do not forget to collect mysterious chests to get a key or a large amount of coins.

Subway Surfers MOD APK


You need to know that since its launch (2012), Subway Surfers has reached nearly 2 billion installs (on all platforms). That is enough to say the appeal of this game. You can download the game under the article. There are still standard and even Game MOD versions for you guys!

Remember, never stumble!

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