Will Hero MOD APK 2.0.0 (Unlimited Money): Superhero dreams

Becoming a superhero is always the dream of any child. Even now, growing up, in the hearts of many people, it is still a dream. Today, you will be able to revive your childhood with the super hot game, Will Hero. You play as a brave and powerful hero.

Summary about Will Hero MOD APK

Name Wil Hero MOD APK
Publisher ZPLAY Games
Category Adventure
Size 72MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Android 4.1 and up


The world in Will Hero is being occupied by evil people. The beautiful princess was captured by them. Your mission is to rescue the princess. Be the hero of the World.

Although facing many dangers and challenges, the results that you have will be extremely much gold and silver. Moreover, it is very likely that you will become a prince. Because those who save the princess will get great privileges.

Will Hero MOD APK

The endless adventure

In Will Hero hack, you will control the character he fights with enemies. Cross the islands floating in the air to reach the place where the princess was imprisoned. You will have to confront countless enemies along the way. Moreover, you will face the risk of falling down at any time if not careful.

However, with the talent of a superhero, you will be able to overcome everything. All you need to do is touch the screen. Tap to jump, tap to dodge and tap to attack enemies. Use proficiently as well as upgrade equipped weapons. You will overcome the powerful and cunning enemies.

In addition, in this superhero hack game, you can also explore the islands. There are countless dungeons and many different worlds. You can join the journey to find treasures on the tropical waters. A place where pirates and sharks are waiting to devour you.

However, only there were chests filled with gold and silver and precious items. As an adventurous person, there is nothing more interesting than having just participated in the tough battles. Just discovered many “deadly” lands?

Will Hero MOD APK


Will Hero MOD is a very simple but very attractive game. This is evident in clear pixel graphics with lots of bright colors. Add to that the lively sound, funny characters. Smooth animations also bring you exciting and fascinating adventures.


In short, Will Hero APK is a simple but extremely addictive game. The gameplay is simple, but the story is extremely attractive. You can play games without an Internet connection. That allows you to be entertained anytime, anywhere. What are you waiting for but have not downloaded the game yet! Having fun!

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