Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival MOD APK v1.13.0-5 (Damage / Defense): A fierce battle

With Zero City, you will become a talented leader in the last shelter of the World. Your mission is to lead the last survivors. Sounds like the Decoding Labyrinth series, right? You will have to train and assign tasks to them. Try to build a safe base and make it an impregnable fortress.

The virus is spreading everywhere. Therefore, mankind must act, before it is too late. You must always be ready for weapons and vigilance. It will be an uncompromising battle between people and zoombie. But rest assured, you will get the assistance. Don’t forget to pick up items along the way.

Summary about Zero City MOD APK

Name Zero City: Zombie games for Survival in a shelter
Category Simulation game
Size 70MB
MOD Features Damage/Defense
Android 4.1

GAME MOD about topic of Zoombies, most are noticed and loved. BEINGAME LIMITED is also quite fashionable when keeping up with the above trend. Just keep up with that trend, they have also attracted the attention of the gaming community.

Moreover, the players who search for Zombie phrase right on Google Play very much. So it is not uncommon for Zero City to heat up quickly. Another plus point for this game, is that it has a pretty good graphics background.

Zero City MOD APK

Best Graphics

Zero City MOD: Zombie Shelter Survival does not use fully sophisticated 3D graphics to satisfy the needs of players in witnessing the ruins of the post-apocalyptic destruction. In contrast, this game gives players a clearer view of the terrible time that people are imagining.

Characters are designed with distinctive, recognizable images. They will have to fight to regain every piece of land to live. And there is the essential need to sustain human life. When you fight and watch many wide-angle scenes of a ruined city or when you return to base, you will find the scenery much brighter and more pleasant.

Revealing one more interesting detail, the survivors can love each other and become lovers.

Zero City MOD APK

Be the talented leader

Zero City APK is a post-apocalyptic world simulation game. In it Zombies will be scary forces that threaten your life and fellows. That means when you will experience the game in many different ways.

You can do the duty of the people involved in the battle. Attractive PvP matches are always the biggest challenge for gamers. Because you will have to confront the best players in the Real World.

In addition, you will have to try your best to unlock characters with a large star index. At the same time, equip the character with enough weapons to fight. In addition, players must pay attention to building a safe and convenient base.

This will be the home of many people. And it could also become the first base for mankind to rebuild the earth. But before dreaming of a beautiful future, prepare for horrific battles.

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