Zombie Night Terror MOD APK (Unlock All): The king of Zombie

Zombie Night Terror is an arcade strategy game with the Apocalypse Zombie theme. The game has a pixel graphics background, which is not seen much in games in recent years. However, it still has its own charm. You will be the leader of the undead and try to maximize your army.

Summary about Zombie Night Terror

Game name Zombie Night Terror MOD APK
Publisher Plug in Digital
Category Strategy Game
Size 30 MB
Android Required Android 6.0 and up
MOD Features Unlock all

The king of zombies

You will be the king of the undead, yes, this game is like that. You need to control your army accurately and enroll as many members as possible. The zombies will obey your orders without any complaints.

Do you need a bigger horde in Zombie Night Terror MOD? Very simple! Just make the survivors become like your army! You don’t need to be gallant or sexy, because a bite to your neck (or anywhere else on your body) is successful.

Take advantage of our mutant system to overcome enemy defenses. By creating powerful new types of zombies. Zombie Night Terror hack lets you combine those and watch your enemies be created. Let the depressed people how to have fun.

Zombie Night Terror MOD APK


At the first level, Mr. Falcon explained that he infected the guy on the left side of the screen because it forced all humans to run to the right side of the screen, easily pinning them into a corner.

You infect Romero drug users. For the first stage you get three shots and the object is contagious to everyone in this stage. The different stages have a limited amount of the drug, so you will have to distribute the strategy so that you can make the most effective use of the drug.

Zombie Night Terror MOD APK

There are a few rules in how you can control zombies and the rules in which zombies can go through a stage. So there are several scroll buttons placed throughout the levels that indicate where you can control zombies.

You can click these icons to change the direction that zombies head. In some cases, it may help them move up the steps while in other cases it will move on a horizontal plane.

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